Monica Myers December 13, 2018 Steve talks about the many ways Swedish citizens can use to move and live in the US as permanent residents. SMA is a specialized U.S. immigration, international, commercial, and corporate boutique firm based in New York, with a consular law practice in Buenos Aires through an affiliate office. To learn more, visit our website […]

Monica Myers December 12, 2018

★ мой инстаграм (222k) – ★ В этом видео 一 рассказываю как получить визу в США, приводя свой опыт успешного прохождения собеседования в посольстве Америки в Варшаве! ▶ САЙТ ГДЕ СМОТРЕТЬ ДОСТУПНУЮ ЗАПИСЬ: ▶ ПРИМЕР АНКЕТЫ НА ВИЗУ (DS-160): ▶ ФОРУМ С ОПЫТОМ ПОЛУЧЕНИЯ ВИЗЫ: ★ мой сайт – ★ […]

Monica Myers December 12, 2018

Aerial images captured the ever-worsening situation caused by the severe erosion of one of the Oroville Dam’s emergency spillways in Oroville, Monday, as emergency crews prepare to tackle the problem by offloading batches of rock in front of the spillway, with the use of a helicopter. Local authorities claim that around 200,000 people were evacuated […]

Monica Myers December 12, 2018

A mom and her 19-month-old daughter have been killed after the car they were in struck a black bear in Northern California. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at Want even more?! Subscribe to USA TODAY’s YouTube channel: Like USA TODAY on Facebook: Follow USA TODAY on Twitter: Follow USA […]

Monica Myers December 8, 2018

★ мой инстаграм (222k) – ★ В этом видео 一 влог из моей поездки в Варшаву, там я получал американскую визу – проходил собеседование на визу в США. ★ мой сайт – ★ ★ business – ★ ДРУГИЕ МОИ ВИДЕО: ▶ АНГЛИЙСКИЙ КАНАЛ (English Channel): ▶ ___ Привет, меня зовут […]

Monica Myers December 6, 2018

Chalo Lithuania Visit Visa 2018 ►Fastest and easiest countries to become a citizen ►Visit Our Website: ►Follow us on Facebook: ►Follow us on Google Plus: Ukraine embassy Web: Croatia Embassy Site:,204.html Getting U.S.A Visa Link: Cheapest Way To Gather Travel History Without Spending So Much Link: Top 7 […]

Monica Myers December 4, 2018

Visa Application Payment Requirement and details 1. Passport Original & Photocopy 2. Bank Statement –Last 3 Months 3. National ID Card Photocopy 4. 35’’ x 45’’ Photo 5. Business Card 6. Leave Application 7. Properties & Rent Documents 8. Tin Certificate 9. Plan and Hotel Booking