Monica Myers May 28, 2019

Late season Hurricane Willa expected to make landfall in Mexico at a Category 4. Along the same coast Cascadia range shakes with 3 6.5 mag+ quakes in the same few hours, but rest assured as the authorities tell us, nothing in the plate changed. Lastly, Halloween blizzard on tap for N.E USA, explain to your kids that hot = cold. You will notice even kids dont understand IPCC reasoning that heat equals record cold.



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11 thoughts on “Cascadia Shakes & Halloween Blizzard for USA (734)

  1. Its ok for Canada but what about the Yellowstone heating up with the rock crashing eastward? I would predicte the Yellowstone Caldara becoming more active by January, February. The Washington state and its volcanoes come to mind.

  2. The arctic has melted and disrupted the jet stream. Energy input is the only cause. “Grand Solar Minimum” doesn’t explain everything. Don’t be a fool about the science.

  3. Well.It wasn’t a hurricane very long.
    As soon as it hit land,it was downgraded to a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph.And three hours later it was a tropical depression with top sustained winds of 30 mph.
    And by yesterday afternoon,the storm dissipated altogether as it moved farther inland over west-central and northern Mexico.

  4. If you aren’t ready and still on the middle of that fence, I feel sorry for you. Even when food supplies are low, prices high and the quality down, prepare. It’s coming! It’s here!

  5. I had a dream a little over a month ago about this Halloween Blizzard. There was powdery snow with a lot of wind. In this dream I also seen my father in a Halloween costume and that is how I made the connection. It was that morning that I found your channel.

  6. Hello from Eureka, Ca…where 3 tectonic plates meet, next to a non functioning Nuke Plant.

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