Monica Myers March 23, 2019

Centralia, Pennsylvania was nearly entirely evacuated following a coal mine fire, burning beneath the town since 1962.

Centralia’s fire started in 1962, when residents turned an old strip mine into a dump, and setting the rubbish alight. The fire spread through an unsealed opening to the underground coal mines, igniting a seam of coal, and the fire has been burning to this day.

In 1992, Pennsylvania condemned the town and claimed it under eminent domain in an attempt for force the remaining residents out. Some sued, and were allowed to stay.

A section of State Route 61 was abandoned after it began to buckle and crumble from the underground fire.

The fire stretches 12km, and burns underneath an area of 15 square kilometres, 300 feet below ground, authorities say the fire could burn for another 250 years.

The town now mostly attracts tourists who visit an abandoned highway, where many profanities and obscene pictures are spray painted onto it, over time the highway has earned the nickname Graffiti Highway.

Centralia is rumored to have inspired Silent Hill.

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15 thoughts on “Centralia Burning Ghost Town – Pennsylvania USA


    *1) At **3:40**, he says “March, 2019”?* – For some reason people are hearing me say 2019 at 3:40, I listened to the video, and I clearly hear 2018, which is what I said.

    *2) Where did all the houses go?* – I have not researched this answer, it is just a guess, but I would assume either the government relocated the houses to new plots of lands in another town, or once people moved out the government demolished the houses, so homeless people could not live in them.

    *3) The cheerful jingling music doesn’t really fit the video* – Yes I know, but I made this video when I was using that music a lot, as I own the licence to it and it was kind of my theme music, but I started using more appropriate music for the topic as time went by.

    1. I clearly heard 2018. As far as the houses went, even though the government used imminent domain to take the land, they still had to pay the owners fair market value for the house and property. You can’t just take someone’s land and not give them anything in return for it in circumstances like this, federal law and all. They didn’t walk away empty handed.

  2. If you find yourself in Centralia, make a point to visit Knoebel’s Grove. It about 20 minutes away.

  3. I used to live a few hours drive from there. As a teen, I went with a bunch of friends. We tagged the highway as it is something you are supposed to do when visiting now. We also brought gas mask and an air quality tester. There were a few areas that the air quality tester threw a fit about, but not as much as we thought it would. This was back in the last 1980’s

  4. Good stuff! I’m so fascinated by ghost towns as we have so many abandoned places here in the United States. I was interested in purchasing the abandoned town located in Eagle Mountain, California but sadly a real estate investor bought it before I could put it an offer. 🤥😏 Rich bastard 🤑😂… He paid way more than the asking price, too.

  5. What i don’t think was mentioned was that the Hwy you see all cracked and painted was Rerouted around the fire area you can find it on Google maps

  6. America should look this the after event pictures, do the world a favor and fuck right off, American idiots

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