10 thoughts on “Former Blackwater contractor to turn himself in to federal authorities

  1. And that’s why we do it for the money and not the country. Typical scapegoat God speed brother

  2. As an American this blows my mind because for one our own Government will obviously turn there backs on there own and that alone is so sad, secondly this is called WAR and it’s exactly the reason we don’t want WAR in The United States in which innocent people are going to be killed unfortunately. Free the guys that keeps us Free. May God bless this world

  3. Another overreach of the government trying to make hard working Americans citizens the scapegoat of their fuck up what are all the patriots your stand up to the shit and start taking our country back we need to do it now Civil War or No Civil War it needs to happen now

  4. 37 months yet you’ve taken years and years of life from people, probably needs to die

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