Monica Myers August 25, 2019

H1 B Visa – Desi Hiring Managers corruption in USA | Avoid Desi Managers in USA if You Can video explains what type of corruption desi managers are doing in USA. They hire the people from desi consulting firms and then make money from those consulting firms in USA. Desi managers make you work extra hours so they can get bonus and make more money. Desi managers hire people with fake resumes and fake experience so they can make money. Desi managers in USA are the mangers who don’t respect if h1b employee has the medical emergency. They make you work live slave on h1b.
They make you feel slave as you work on H1B Visa. Working on H1b is the worse thing here in USA.
The video covers
The corruption of Desi managers in USA
How the desi managers perform corruption
How desi managers abuse H1B Employees
Indian managers corruption in USA
Indian managers slave the h1b employees like slave