Monica Myers September 7, 2019

Gov. Henry McMaster delivers an update as Hurricane Dorian sweeps along South Carolina’s coast.


Parts of Charleston’s historic Market Street were under a foot of water and gusting winds blew rain sideways Thursday as Hurricane Dorian continued its unrelenting advance on the U.S. coast, days after devastating parts of the Bahamas.

LIVE VIDEO courtesy of Earthcam. and SCETV.

National Hurricane Center Director Ken Graham said Charleston was experiencing wind gusts in excess of 60 mph. NHC noted similar gusts were recorded elsewhere in the state and in North Carolina.

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10 thoughts on “Hurricane Dorian: South Carolina authorities address conditions | USA TODAY

  1. Praying in the name of Jesus . The best I have heard from public officials in a long time .
    Thank you God , we still need you in spite of many who rejects we know you are still with us .

  2. Moving forward can you have the storm video on mute if your going to include both together. It’s hard to hear them speak

  3. Death to Henry McMasters.. he G-Code the expungement Bill introduced by the legislature and then they overrode this cocksucker thank God

  4. Had to evacuate Hilton Head Island in 1988 or 89 before Hurricane Hugo veered slightly north and hit Charleston. By far the heaviest rain I’ve ever driven in .

    1. Summerville is ok, I’m here now except power and service r out. Had to drive to Publix to get news and text

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