Monica Myers March 16, 2019

The Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal migration has torn apart families like José’s. José originally came to the United States illegally. [Online until: September 4, 2019]

José has lived in America for decades, where he has built a life with his wife, Rose, and raised his children. Rose Escobar was happy. She had a husband she loved, two children, a house, and a job. It all seemed perfect – until the day that her husband José was arrested by the American authorities and deported. José had come to America illegally from El Salvador, when he was just a child.

Rose simply cannot understand why the US authorities have done this to her family. She says: “This is MY country. We have always obeyed the law.” Rose was born in the United Sates, unlike her husband. He was arrested at a police traffic stop, and deported immediately. Rose stayed behind with the children. A neighbor is helping her to make ends meet as a newly single mother.
Rose says: “I get up every morning at four and drop the kids off at my neighbor’s place. Then, I work for 12 hours, come home, pick up the kids, cook, and do some housework. Then I get the kids’ lunches and clothes ready for the next day. I try to do it all just like I used to, so the kids won’t notice any difference.”

José was among the first illegal immigrants to be deported under the Trump administration’s new policy. The president is making good on a campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigrants, and send them back to their home countries. Some would say that’s fine for convicted criminals or gang members – but a family man like José?

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11 thoughts on “Illegal immigrant families in the USA | DW Documentary

  1. her mistake was she didnt legalize him asap. even if he is marryin her for papers she shouldnt take that gamble in getting him the papers. but still they were married so it doesnt make sense why hed still be deported , i dont understand why there trying to still “play” by the “rules” he shoud just get a tourist visa and start over if not then get smuggled back in? its not like he is going to the unknown , he has a wife n house and knows the language

  2. The ironic thing is that if an American citizen hopped over the border into Mexico illegally they’d either throw your ass in jail or deport you immediately if you get caught. America is way too nice to illegal immigrants. Other countries are not nearly as tolerant of illegal immigrants as the United States is.

    Also, Obama deported tons of illegal immigrants and separated thousands of families but nobody batted an eyebrow.

  3. This same thing happened to my aunt under the Clinton administration, and she never committed a crime. I’m sick and tired of people making everything a race thing nowadays when they don’t like something. Obey the fucking law, and take legal steps to TRY and change it if u don’t like it.

  4. Soooo why didn’t Rose and her children go with her husband, they will all be together as a family. Right?

  5. Reading the comments…I see so many negative and hate comments for this lady…But you americans forgot your forefathers captured this land from the Native Indians, your forefathers were also illegal immigrants to this land and mercilessly captured this land killing so many Indians…so be lil wise in commenting…show some compassion that americans are known for to this woman and her children ..and fear God who is watching us all times and one day we stand in front of Him….I pity the kids who are suffering….but thank God for people like Nora…

    1. Nice open borders propaganda, moron, lol we are a nation of immigrants but also a nation of laws. We have something called “federal immigration laws” you stupid hippie. 🖕🇺🇸🖕

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