Monica Myers September 7, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of coastal residents of the Carolinas have been packing up or already fled their homes ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s arrival.

The National Hurricane Center warned the center of the Category 3 storm will continue to move close to the coast of South Carolina through the day, and then move near or over the coast of North Carolina (Thursday night) and Friday.”

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28 thoughts on “North Carolina authorities deliver an update as Hurricane Dorian advances on Carolinas | USA TODAY

    1. There are way more people dead in the bahamas than just 20 people. Almost 2,000 people died in hurricane katrina. THIS IS REAL. THIS IS HAPPENING. The best word to describe this terror is: Unimaginable. Please get the hell out of there. Save your life. Humanity is here for you!!!

    2. People in hurricane Katrina and in general to survive the storm surge had to break through their roofs bc the water filled up their house, and people tied themself to the top of the house or a tree so they could float without flying away in hurricane winds. THIS IS NOT A JOKE ONE BIT. PLEASE BE SAFE AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY

    3. Be careful its the way this storm is. The rain is 0 or 100 real quickly- go as west as possible and stay far away from storm surge flood water. The water can be more than 10 feet high from this storm. They are serious about this

  1. I realize that these officials are trying to do the best they can at their jobs. However, they must understand that worried, nervous and desperate people are watching this broadcast hoping for news to help their situation. Is it too much to ask, please slow down and repeat important information. Give the listeners time to digest the information. Especially key phone numbers.

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    1. If you aren’t a troll, then I just feel sorry for you. Honestly.

      You know someone’s life is pretty comfy when the only thing they are upset about is the ratio of men to women on their screen. Get a life. Find a real problem.

    2. Im listening and seeing a black officer speak now. Did you even watch this or are you just trolling for your own amusement

    3. So quick to talk discrimination but you are blind to what is right in front of you. There is a woman to the left. There is a black policeman right there. Not dark enough for you to qualify? Who knows how many just didn’t fit in the screen.

    4. But they aren’t all white! And maybe no women pursued those careers or were qualified. Should they promote a less qualified candidate simply because of the candidate being a woman or of color? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  3. I have a wedding on the beach on Sunday in Emerald Isle…flying into Jacksonville NC tomorrow… Maybe?

    1. @Angeline Espinosa I’m the photographer, and I’m coming from New Orleans. Rain or no rain- I gotta get there :/ Hope
      fingers crossed

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