Monica Myers July 4, 2019

VISA Interview Questions & Other Facts | GRE/Higher Studies in USA, CANADA | #VISA_Interview for Higher Studies #GRE_Videos #Higher_Studies_Videos #Road_To_USA #PhD_Success_Story #Higher_Studies_Journey #Farhana_Shanta #Roaring_Bangladesh presents this video in which Farhana Shanta shares about the VISA Interview Questions & other facts for GRE, Higher Studies in USA, CANADA. The Speaker is:- Farhana Shanta PhD Student Louisiana […]

Monica Myers March 16, 2019

On Canusa Avenue, houses on one side of the street are in the USA, but on the other side they are in Canada. Its a spot favored by illegal immigrants, and authorities are taking notice. The US is planning to build a wall on the street, and they’ve already installed a customs post. Duration: 01:50