Monica Myers April 27, 2019

Pakistan is likely to face visa sanctions by the US due to not accepting back deportees and visa over-stayers. According to the latest notification of the ‘Federal Register’ dated 22 April 2019, Pakistan now joins the list of total 10 countries that face this issue. 
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USA Imposes Visa Sanctions on Pakistanis
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10 thoughts on “USA Imposes Visa Sanctions on Pakistanis

  1. Don’t create panic , idiot admin , this sanction is not for general public . Read the details first !

  2. its for all citizens or only government senior officials? if it is, how long ? but US embassy in islamabad didnt coment on it? please reply me….why we ordinary citizens suffer becoz of deported guys? its not our fault…govt should take them back and put into jail…and govt shou;ld do something as quickly as possible

  3. Why are you spreading fake news??? I don’t understand what is the benefit to you people for making and spreading these kind of rumors??

  4. Really sad news about pakistan government of Pakistan should take quick action upon this and sort out this issue as soon as possible

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